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California Brown Bear

Although he is California’s state animal he got bitten by the Cuba bug while on vacation in Havana years ago and never went home! You can find him at his California Cafe any day or night in an open Guayabera shirt, smoking a cigar and clutching a tiny espresso in his big paws by day and a Bucanero by night.


Shona and Paver Our fearless captains.  Shona wanted to call the cafe ‘Shonitas’ but Paver Put his foot down and thus was born ‘California Cafe’ (Cause who doesn’t love California!) However, now Paver wants their next venture to be a  dance club.   Shona’s only requirement is that it be called……..yes, ‘ShonitasPaver may be the native Cubano but its’ talkative Shona who will give you the best recs on where to go out and what to see in Havana.  However, Paver is always happy to have you join him for a cigar or to nurse a shot of Havana Club Especial at the bar. Paver is also an artist and photographer. He created the re purposed bar and the various prints hanging around the cafe.

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