California and Cuban Chef Collaboration


At California Cafe in Havana, Cuban American relations are doing just fine and converting into real Cuban Californian fusion food everyone can enjoy!

California Cafe was proud to host a guest chef from California working in collaboration with our Cuban chefs  bringing you California Cuban fusion with a new take on traditional Cuban dishes and flavorful vegetarian cuisine.

Born and raised in San Francisco and working in professional kitchens there for three years, Chef Asa Maguire hopes to combine his knowledge of the Californian food scene with Chefs Danilo and Edgar Edgar Vargas Rodriguez’s years of experience in Cuban restaurants, to bring you authentic Cali-Cubano cuisine. For two months the chefs at California Cafe will collaborate to bring you daily specials showcasing fresh Cuban ingredients presented with a Californian twist. With his knowledge of seasonality, French cooking techniques, and Californian kitchen practices, Chef Asa hopes to elevate the incredible food of California Cafe by creating plates that taste both authentic and delicious. Look foward to our Californian Fried Chicken, Pork and Mango Rolled Sausage, Malanga Crusted Snapper, Curried Pork Croquettes, and our Californian Ceviche!


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